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W. Mourik Consultants B.V.

Directeur - Bert Mourik
Twijnstraweg 71
2941 BW Lekkerkerk
The Netherlands

+31 (0)180 66 98 41

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HOBÉON SKO Certificaat


WMC Crane brokers is a certified and officially registered member of the Dutch organisation of licensed brokers, auction holders and sworn valour of movable goods and machinery.

Our company has a worldwide reputation for assessing the value of objects quick, accurate and with decades of experience on cranes and port equipment.

Our name is the standard of reliable expertise for governments, authorities, banks, insurances and all kind entrepreneurs and investors worldwide.

Our service is proven and based on a combination of field experience technically, financially and with common sense.

Definitions of recommended value - comprehensions in the voluntary economic traffic

  • 1. Replacement value of the value be insured
    The amount reasonably needed for obtaining directly on the normal market of an equivalent object concerning sort, quality, state maintenance.
  • 2. Working value in connection with going - concern
    The amount reasonably needed for the private purchase sale of movables as a whole, which form a current business.
  • 3. Private selling value in case of equal remaining destination
    The amount which in case of private sale of movables by offer free for use at their present place, reasonably of the highest bid on the free market can possibly be obtained.
  • 4. Private selling value
    The amount which in case of private sale by offer free for use and the for that business most efficient way, after the best preparatory sale - methods reasonably, from the highest bid on the free market can possibly be obtained.
  • 5. Public selling value (sale value)
    The amount which in case of voluntary offer for selling in public after the best for that movables preparatory works reasonably by either auction, abatement and / or auction and abatement, or registration can be obtained.
  • 6. Execution (forced sale) value
    The reasonably amount to be expected, which in case of forced sale according to custom by the usher for movables, without too much preparatory work and public, by the highest bid is brought about.
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