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W. Mourik Consultants B.V.

Directeur - Bert Mourik
Twijnstraweg 71
2941 BW Lekkerkerk
The Netherlands

+31 (0)180 66 98 41

+31 (0)6 53 41 49 86

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About us

After 30 years of experience in the crane service and brokerage Mr. Willem Mourik establish the company W.Mourik Consultants as an independent broker and valour in cranes and port equipment in 1988.

After 2 years the Chamber of Commerce and the Port of Rotterdam recommended Mr. Mourik to the authorities to be the first Sworn and Registered Broker and Valour in Cranes en Port Equipment. The same year he was graduated and stand for the district Court of Amsterdam where he took his oath. In 1997 the shares of the company where hand over to his son Bert Mourik who continued and extended the businesses in what it is today.

Since the establishment and now the company has been very successful as an consultant in many sales of valuation projects for governments, port authorities, banks, insurances, and private companies in every continent of the world. Although the name is changed into WMC Crane Brokers it kept the reliable service which our clients has been used to.

WMC Crane Brokers can assist you when is comes to purchase, selling and valuation of cranes and port equipment. We work with fixed rates, exclusive contracts and have a large database of equipment, relations and reliable partners.